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Construction Risk Profiling

Arcor-Inc. is a multidisciplinary Construction Risk Profiling Company that provides expert ADA COMPLIANCE SERVICES and CONSTRUCTION DEFECT EXPERT SERVICES. These services and other Construction Risk Profiling EXPERT SERVICES, are housed under one roof. This makes it possible for ARCOR-Inc. to offer a well-choreographed, highly integrated and cost effective service. This unique feature translates into ARCOR-Inc’s ability to examine each project or problem through a number of specialized lenses in order to come up with the best possible solution and reduce the likelihood of litigation and the associated costs.

To be an effective practitioner in this arena, a multi-disciplinary approach is required; the ability to view the macrocosm and the minutia simultaneously and understand how they fit together, or in many cases, don’t fit together.

If you are suing or being sued in a matter relating to construction, design, construction claims, disabled access compliance or storm water mitigation compliance, contact us. Not only do we have experience in a broad range of areas, but if your case involves additional expertise, we can call on the services, in a broad variety of fields, of additional independent experts, to supplement our involvement in your matter.

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    Stage 1

    Identification of barriers to accessibility & construction & design defects
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    Stage 2

    Recommendations for removal of identified barriers & defects
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    Stage 3

    Plan of action for remediation options
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    Stage 4

    Cost estimates for removal of barriers & remediation of defects
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    Stage 5

    Management & supervision of remediation efforts & cost control.
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    Stage 6

    Providing of certification of substantial project completion accordance & compliance with applicable codes.

One-Stop-Expert Shop

Don’t Risk It….CASp It!!




We help you bring your property into compliance & help you avoid law suits.

Meeting compliance regulations will protect you and protect the disabled. It is extremely beneficial for business owners to get their properties CASp Certified. We are “Certified Access Specialists” (or CASp).



We will do your homework for you so you can optimize on your investment.

Our unique skill sets and extensive experience in construction and design, as well as construction defects and claims, affords our clients the very best in evaluating whether a an investment is sound or not.



This involves the identification of mechanisms of failure and allocation of responsibility.

Our years of design and construction experience place us in the unique situation of being able to identify defects and analyze them from the perspective of the Architect as well as the Contractor.



We have multiple licenses to help you mitigate the potential for defective construction.

Peer Review is used in the practice of Construction Risk Profiling™ & ADA Compliance issues. Our inter-disciplinary background, including, Architectural, construction and cost-estimating skills, are combined to facilitate the satisfactory completion of your project.



We assist you with Arcor Inc's professional 'safety net, ' for 'slip and fall' accidents.

Our knowledge of the codes coupled with our experience in construction and design, both inform and provide, a unique and comprehensive approach to personal injury claims and their resolution.



We apply our extensive knowledge and common sense when representing you.

If you are suing or being sued in a matter relating to construction, design, construction claims, disabled access compliance or storm water mitigation compliance, contact us.We are a ``one-stop-shop``of experts.



We help you prevent and resolve the complexity of construction claims.

Arcor-Inc. has developed efficient systems and methods, to prevent construction defects and construction disputes, as well as facilitating resolution and prevention of disputes in a time effective way.



Building function needs to influence design and construction goals.

We identify the key areas of risk exposure, be it construction, design, personal injury, or disabled access compliance, among others. CRP takes a broad combination of skills, experience and a unique way of examining issues.

Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp, in the News

 Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp, is President of Arcor Inc and a CASp certified, ADA expert. Arcor Inc is committed to helping property owners bring their properties into compliance and ensure that the world is more accessible to all. It is also Steve’s mission to help property owners become more educated about ADA requirements and avoid frivolous law suits.

Why You Need Arcor Inc.

How Is Arcor so Effective? 

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    ARCOR-Inc has developed a comprehensive, systematized, proprietary methodology for identifying levels of risk exposure across the full spectrum of the design and construction process. Arcor-Incs proprietary App has been developed to ensure that all ADA Audits are thorough, cost effective and time efficient. This is an App that further reduces opportunities for error. This methodology and technology permits a streamlined work flow that results in a comprehensive ADA Report and Action Plan, with no unnecessary delays.

Why do you need Arcor? 

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    If you have been sued or you are concerned with your level of compliance with regard to disabled access, you probably need our expert services. If you have been sued or you are concerned about your exposure to personal injury, or concerned about the condition and longevity of your buildings and structures, then you probably need the unique services that only a professional company like ARCOR Inc can provide. We combine our vast skill sets to help you identify risks as early as possible so that you can take preventative action and measures to reduce your risk exposure and lower your expenditure.

Who is at Arcor’s Helm? 

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    A client of Arcor-Inc, is a client of Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp. Steve is one of only a few experts who holds concurrent licenses in Architecture, Certified Cost Estimating, General Contracting, is ADA CASp Certified and is also a Certified Safety Assessment Inspector with the Government Office of Emergency Services, (OES). The result is, a comprehensive set of expert skills rolled into one. These licenses, certifications and a wide range of experience, give Steve a unique insight into a broad range of construction and design issues that might ordinarily be covered by several experts/consultants. His perspective is unique and comprehensive as he examines problems through a variety of EXPERT LENSES.

Arcor Inc’s Goal

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    Our goal is to provide unbiased, focused advice to our clients and to always educate them with regard to the importance of managing their risks and protecting their assets.This is accomplished through practical risk analysis and strategic, comprehensive methodologies. ARCOR provides a breadth and diversity of resources that are allocated as required The use of these resources is always based on the individual needs and specific issues of each client. ARCOR therefore provides a complete service and appropriate consideration and investigation is brought to each project.