Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

When you think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you might envision ramps to make it easier for people who use wheelchairs to physically access buildings. But today, with so much commerce being conducted online, some courts are finding that websites must also be accessible to people with visual ... Read More

60 Minutes Goes Prime Time with ADA Drive By Lawsuits

In case you missed it, on December 4, 2016, the popular news program 60 Minutes aired a story on the alarming growing number of ADA drive-by lawsuits filed against businesses.  A transcript of the story is provided here. Title III of the ADA requires places of public accommodation, such as restaurants, banks, movie theaters and just ... Read More
64 Lawsuits in Two Months!

64 Lawsuits in Two Months!

A gubernatorial appointee who chairs the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council has filed dozens of lawsuits against small businesses over the past two months claiming they violate federal disability laws. The 64 lawsuits filed so far by Mellisa Umphenour of Arvada are nearly identical in content and scope to scores of ... Read More

Beware the ADA settlement that buys a big bag of nothing.

We’ve written before about the perils of private ADA settlements. The yin and yang of ADA defense. Perilous settlements and temporary victories, and Starbucks and the ADA – more perilous settlements and temporary victories. explain how an ADA settlement can cost plenty and do nothing. The problem is simple. If ... Read More

Thousands of business threatened by ADA lawsuits

Businesses from coast to coast are dealing with lawsuits claiming they have violated Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, often causing some companies to go under. Some of these lawsuits come from complainants who file hundreds of claims against companies. Those filing the lawsuits are often looking for large, out-of-court settlements. ... Read More

Use of rental car and skycap as reasonable accommodations under the ADA

On 1/23/17, a federal district court indicated that an employee’ requests to use a company rental car and skycap services at the airport while travelling for work may be a legally protected request for accommodation under the ADA.  In Blundell v. Nihon Kohden America (N.D.N.Y. 1/23/17), the employee alleged that his employer violated the ADA ... Read More

‘Hamilton’ sued, accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act by blind theatergoer

The producer of “Hamilton” has been sued by a blind theatergoer who claimed that the blockbuster Broadway musical violates federal law by failing to offer services to help blind and visually impaired people enjoy the show. In his complaint on Monday, Denver resident Mark Lasser said Hamilton Uptown LLC and ... Read More
Google Doodle Honors Pioneering Disability Activist Ed Roberts

Google Doodle Honors Pioneering Disability Activist Ed Roberts

Throughout his lifetime, Roberts fought for people with disabilities to have the right to fully participate in society Google Doodle paid homage on Monday to what would have been the 78th birthday of pioneering disability campaigner Ed Roberts — who fought throughout his lifetime for people with disabilities to have the right to ... Read More

Judge rules Arizona Attorney General’s Office can join ADA lawsuits as a defendant

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has ruled that the Arizona Attorney General’s Office can join a batch of ADA lawsuits filed by a controversial “advocacy” group. The order was issued Friday by Judge David Talamante and is included at the bottom of this story. The Attorney General’s Office took ... Read More