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ARCOR-Inc’s Method

ARCOR-Inc. is a construction risk profiling company specializing in ADA compliance and construction risk analysis. ARCOR-Inc. was founded by Steven Schraibman, a licensed Architect, General Contractor, Certified Professional Cost Estimator and CASp Certified expert. The company was developed in response to the identification of a significant gap in the design and construction consultancy market. ARCOR-Inc has developed a comprehensive, systematized, proprietory methodology for identifying levels of risk exposure across the full spectrum of the design and construction process.

Construction Risk Profiling™

ARCOR-Inc. brings its expertise to all stages in the life cycle of a construction project, however, it is a company that promotes an EARLY RISK RESPONSE APPROACH. This is a departure from the old traditional approach to construction risk where typically a waiting game is played until critical problems present. Attention, action and resources should rather be invested in the areas where there is early, major risk exposure identified and where the greatest cost and time savings can be achieved. We are PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE, and address problems as they are identified, rather than waiting until critical problems present.

Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp


Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, AGC

Steven Schraibman, is one of only a few experts who holds concurrent licenses in Architecture, Certified Cost Estimating and General Contracting and is also ADA CASp Certified. These licenses, certifications and a wide range of experience give him unique insight into a broad range of construction and design issues that might ordinarily be covered by several experts/consultants. See company profile.

Arcor-Inc Team

Arcor-Inc. has a comprehensive, multifaceted business model that is made up of a variety of specialized consultants and core team members, that ensure a professional, cost-effective and efficient service is afforded all clients.

Arcor-Inc. COO

Leron Schraibman AA, SDAR, NAR

Leron is the COO of ARCOR and also heads ADA Gurus®, the Signage Division of ARCOR-Inc. The Signage Division provides the required signage to clients to ensure that they meet all ADA Compliance requirements after the completion of their ADA Audit. Leron is responsible for the management of Arcor’s web presence and Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Leron has an AA in Business and Real Estate Entrepreneurship and holds licenses in Real Estate Management.


Dyllon Schraibman BSC

Dyllon manages ADA Gurus, which is the signage division of Arcor Inc. He is also responsible for the marketing division of Arcor, and is responsible for social media, website management and ADA public awareness.

Research & Development

I.C. Schraibman MEd, PhD

Dr. Schraibman works in a consultancy position at Arcor Inc. and is responsible for the educational research and development at Arcor Inc.

Software Developer

Jason Kim BSC

Jason Kim has a BSC from UCSD and is responsible for Arcor-Inc’s software development. Jason has also participated in the development of the unique, state of the art software application that is patented by Arcor-Inc. This application is used to streamline the ADA Audit process in order to ensure time efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness in bringing clients into ADA compliance.

Project Engineer

Susan Newman BSC, MSC

Susan is one of Arcor-Inc’s Project Engineers and is responsible for analyzing data collection and data integration for the report building process.