Different Buildings | Different Risks

Buildings Have Different Functions

The function of a building strongly influences its’ design and construction. Consequently  ARCOR-Inc. pays careful attention when risk profiling a building, to the specific function of the building and whether it’s design goals have been adhered to and achieved. Different kinds of buildings that serve different kinds of functions will be vulnerable to different construction risks and construction defects.

 Understanding Construction Risks for Special Building Types

Different building types obviously have different specialized functions that demand careful attention during the planning and implementation phases and it is the commissioning process, that according to ASHRAE Guidelines, that serves to “verify and document that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria”.

The Whole Building design Guide (WBDG) describes some of these specific needs:

  • Health care facilities and museums are sensitive to temperature and humidity
  • Laboratories require fume hoods for correct operating
  • Data Centers have a demand for reliable power
  • Government Facilities require security and effective communication technology to function
  • Sustainable Buildings have specific requirements so that they can achieve projected energy and water savings

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