Community Facilities

The common attribute of community service buildings is that they aim to service the needs of the community. They however deviate from each other in marked ways by virtue of the fact that each has a very specialized function and diverse requirements. Some are recreational in nature, such as museums and aim to accommodate the public, while police and fire stations have only some public space, while other areas are intended only for trained personnel.

There is a very wide range of facility types that fall under the umbrella of “Community Services”.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • family service centers
  • fire stations
  • youth centers
  • fitness centers
  • childcare facilities
  • police stations
  • museums

Relevant codes and standards apply to all of these facilities and have to be adhered to. These codes vary and serve to ensure that facilities are accessible, safe and secure as well as functional and aesthetically appropriate.

In Construction Risk Profiling™  paying attention to ADA requirements and potentially vulnerable areas for construction defects as early as possible is always central for time and cost savings.