Hotels and Lodgings

With respect to Construction Risk Profiling, Hotels present a unique challenge due to the often broad range of services offered under one roof, from transient lodging, to convention facilities to various retail merchandise outlets. Couple this with the provision of food and beverage services and it is clear that the hotel environment is full of risks ranging from personal injury, disabled access compliance, defective construction and storm water mitigation to name a few.

Hotels, unlike many other types of businesses, have to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without faltering and must offer a consistent level of service.

At ARCOR-Inc., we understand this complex arena and based on our experience we can quickly identify the various levels of risk as well as suggest ways of minimizing this exposure. In Construction Risk Profiling™  paying attention to ADA requirements and potentially vulnerable areas for construction defects as early as possible is always central for time and cost savings.