Warehouse Facilities

Warehouses are facilities that function as environments  for storing materials, goods or equipment that require protection from the elements. Warehouses must be designed to meet all local building, fire, and life-safety codes and must be designed to accommodate the load of the specific stored materials, handling equipment, receiving and shipping facilities and personnel. It is important that the warehouse spaces are designed to be flexible so that future operations and storage needs can be accommodated.  They need to be durable, energy efficient and need to be designed with safety and security in mind. Signage is significant particularly for safety and must be considered at the very early stages of the design process. Surface areas require treatments, particularly outdoor dock areas, to prevent slip and fall accidents. In Construction Risk Profiling™  paying attention to ADA requirements and potentially vulnerable areas for construction defects as early as possible is always central for time and cost savings.

New “flex” warehouses in well landscaped industrial park settings for smaller businesses is a growing trend. A growing trend for smaller businesses, has been the establishment of what has become known as, “flex” warehouses. These are usually situated in industrial park settings and accommodate smaller businesses that do not require heavy retail street traffic.