Justice Department Reaches Settlement Agreement with Texas YMCA

The Justice Department reached a settlement agreement today with the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA, a local Texas affiliate of the YMCA, to resolve allegations that it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by denying a child the opportunity to participate in a summer day camp program because of his diabetes. YMCA refused to provide daily ... Read More

Reaches Agreement with Greyhound to Resolve Nationwide Pattern of Disability Discrimination

Under the terms of a consent decree filed by the Justice Department today, Greyhound Lines, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of intercity bus transportation, will implement a series of systemic reforms to resolve allegations that it repeatedly violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); will pay $300,000 in compensation to certain passengers with disabilities identified ... Read More

Settlement Brings Real Change in Lumpkin County

Not only will this agreement bring forth real physical environmental change in terms of creating accessible entrances, parkings, routes, ramps, and so on for those with disabilities. It also aims to educate about ADA compliance in general. Read on and find out what all these changes are and what this means for Lumpkin County, Georgia. ... Read More

Update: Carnival Cruise Ships ADA Settlement

This is an update of the Carnival Cruise Ships case we brought to you weeks ago concerning the accessibility of these cruise ships to be made accessible for those with disabilities. There has finally been a settlement and Carnival did not win. The ruling followed that Carnival must make 62 of their flagship cruise liners ... Read More

Plattsburgh Fights for Their ADA Rights!

Interesting article on the fact that even today people are having to fight for their ADA rights in Plattsburgh. Read how these ordinary citizens are changing their enviroment around them so that they can lead a more accessible life. People with disabilities say they’re still fighting for civil rights in Plattsburgh. Under the federal Americans ... Read More

Agreement with Carnival Corp. to Remove Barriers to Access on Cruise Ships

Here is an interesting article about accessibility on cruise ships. One wouldn’t have thought about it but just because your on water doesn’t mean your free of the ADA law. Read on about how Carnival Corp. is being held accountable for their accessibility. The Justice Department has signed a settlement agreement with Carnival Corp., to ... Read More