Arizona Attorney General Sued for Not Enforcing the ADA

Members of AID Take Brnovich to Court for Turning a Blind Eye to Over 9,000 Documented ADA Violations MESA, ARIZONA, MARICOPA, December 9, 2016 / — Members of Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities – Foundation (“AID”), filed a lawsuit known as a writ of mandamus, against the Arizona State Attorney ... Read More

DOJ Agreement Ensures Access for Persons with Disabilities in Galveston County, Texas

Its a big step for ADA compliance. The settlement states Galveston County, Texas will have to improve their ADA compliance now too. We are seeing more and more of these cities come under review like this and lose. Read on to find out more about yet another big win for ADA. The Justice Department today announced a Project ... Read More

Update: Carnival Cruise Ships ADA Settlement

This is an update of the Carnival Cruise Ships case we brought to you weeks ago concerning the accessibility of these cruise ships to be made accessible for those with disabilities. There has finally been a settlement and Carnival did not win. The ruling followed that Carnival must make 62 of their flagship cruise liners ... Read More

Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us?

Here is a very interesting article tackling ADA compliance with one of the fastest growing driving services around. Uber doesn’t have accessible cars for the disabled as it stands but there has been call for them to provide an equal driving service for everyone alike. Do you believe Uber needs to step in to create an equal ... Read More